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Zhengzhou will enter the era of mandatory waste classificati

Following the mandatory waste classification in Shanghai and Beijing, Zhengzhou has also entered the countdown of the mandatory classification of domestic waste. The "Zhengzhou Municipal Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Measures" will be implemented from December 1, 2019. Failure to place garbage in accordance with requirements will result in a fine of 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan for individuals and a fine of 50 yuan for individuals. According to the "Zhengzhou Municipal Municipal Solid Waste Classification Management Measures", domestic waste in Zhengzhou is divided into four categories: kitchen waste, recyclables, hazardous waste, and other garbage. It is understood that after the implementation of the "Measures", the classification management of domestic garbage will be strengthened. Residents will need to sort the garbage generated in their lives before putting it in, which will effectively improve the level of domestic garbage reduction, recycling and harmlessness and improve the quality of the ecological environment To further improve the urban and rural living environment. This means that the garbage classification will be transformed from the previous encouragement to a comprehensive compulsory, which will surely promote the garbage classification work forcefully, orderly and effectively. Each link of garbage classification must not be disconnected, let alone "fine classification at the front end, one spoonful at the back end". The promulgation of the garbage classification regulations is only the first step. The key to cracking the "pre-sorting and post-mixing" lies in the construction of a garbage sorting center that connects the front-end classification. Zhengzhou's fastest-growing Zhongyuan District garbage sorting center is about to be completed and put into operation. Other districts are expected to be completed by the end of this year or next year. At Zhongyuan District Domestic Waste Sorting Center, large pieces of waste such as branches, waste sofas, and mattresses transported from the urban area are sent to the large-scale waste spinning and garbage treatment workshop in the garden and passed through the GEP large-size (garden) disposal production line shredder machine After crushing, magnetic separation, and packing, the recyclables are turned into waste for reuse, and the non-recyclables will be incinerated to generate electricity, which greatly reduces the direct landfill volume of garbage. The waste textiles are sorted and sorted, and then crushed by the GEP waste textile shredder machine disposal production line. They are transported along the belt conveyor into the workshop baler for packing. These crushed materials are transferred to the next disposal process for processing, realizing rational application of resources. The kitchen waste has a high water content, which accounts for 70% -90% of the total waste. It is easy to rot and degenerate, producing odor. Therefore, it is particularly important to do a good job in the classification and treatment of kitchen waste. In the domestic garbage sorting center, food waste is sent to the food waste disposal line by a truck grab. The food waste crusher is first crushed, and then the metal items in the garbage are sorted by a magnetic separator. The food waste after crushing and sorting is sent to the fine crushing and sorting equipment to separate organic and inorganic materials. The domestic waste disposal production line of the Central China's domestic waste shredder machine sorting center adopts fully automated operations, using Internet of Things technology to dataize, visualize and intelligently supervise each step of waste classification and disposal. Starting from the concept of recycling, "press Every use value of “dry” waste. In addition, as a demonstration base for renewable resources education, a glass passage is set up in the factory area of ​​the Domestic Waste Sorting Center, which can be visited and learned by visitors after it is officially opened. The garbage shredder machine sorting center is a reform of the traditional way of garbage collection and disposal. It can maximize the utilization of waste resources, reduce the total amount of waste, and achieve large-scale resource recovery and regeneration. It will bring dual benefits of environment and economy. Zhongyuan District's domestic waste shredder machine sorting center, as the first domestic waste classification and co-processing base in Henan Province, will provide a demonstration of domestic waste classification for the construction of a "no waste city" nationwide. The road to sorting and disposing of domestic waste has a long way to go. GEP machinery shredder machine environmental protection will seize the opportunity to implement the waste classification policy formulated by the relevant national ministries and commissions, provincial and municipal governments, accelerate the transformation and application of innovative results, and actively promote the disposal of large-scale waste, biomass, waste tires, and waste textile Innovation and upgrade of solutions, go all out to win the battle of waste separation and disposal.