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Wind Sifter, Air Separator, Air Classifier

Wind Sifter

Wind sifter, also known as air separator, consists of centrifugal fan, separation unit of rotating drum, belt machine and settling chamber. It uses the principle that materials are light and heavy and wind resistance is different to drive the materials with the same size of wind to achieve the purpose of easy automatic classification of materials.

Mostly suitable for pre-treatment processing of SRF/RDF fuel for domestic waste, landfill obsolete waste, industrial solid waste, paper waste, textile waste, leather waste, rag waste, etc. The wind sifter provides effective protection for following shredders and guarantees a high quality separation of heavy materials.

Wind Sifter Operating Principle

Using an airflow, the materials from one stream are separated into various streams depending on the size, shape, and weight of the particles. In short, an air separator is ideally situated at the beginning of the waste material stream to pre-separate the lighter materials, for example, paper, foil, plastic dust, and plastic film, from the heavier materials.