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Biomass Shredding System for CHP Plant, Biomass Shredder

A combined heat and power (CHP) plant is a facility for the simultaneous production of thermal and electrical resp. mechanical energy in one process. As compared to power plants using solid fuels with efficiencies of 20-45 %, the overall process efficiency is significantly higher, 80-90%, as the otherwise rejected heat is also transferred to consumers. Biomass CHPs are operated with different kinds of solid-, gaseous- as well as liquid fuels or residues.

Biomass is a renewable organic material of animal or plant origin. Biomass is an important fuel and is increasingly used in many countries for heat and power generation, which reduces the use of fossil energy, promotes the integrated use of resources and reduces pollution and waste.

Biomass CHP Plant

Biomass energy comes from a wide range of sources, such as tree branches, bamboo, waste wood, straw, crop stalks, fruit shells, bagasse from sugar production and many more. Biomass power stations dispose of these materials appropriately and incinerate them in boilers to produce electricity.

Biomass Shredding System for CHP Plant

Modern power stations have almost exacting requirements for combustion efficiency, which not only means more energy is produced, but also less pollution to the environment. ShredRecycling's biomass pre-shredding system not only efficiently breaks up bales of biomass material, but also shreds them to a uniform size suitable for burning in a boiler.

Components of a Biomass Shredding System