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Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant, MSW Sorting Plant

Municipal waste is the waste of everyday life and consists of packaging, clothing, newspapers, electrical appliances, plastic bottles, food scraps and so on. In cities with large populations, a lot of waste is generated every day and traditional landfill methods are no longer sufficient as they pollute the environment and take up land. ShredRecycling's municipal solid waste disposal systems use a scientific approach to reduce and sort the waste and recycle it for reuse.

MSW disposal involves volume reduction and sorting. The waste is reduced for further processing using different levels of shredders, then sorting equipment is used to separate the valuable materials from the waste, the higher calorific value materials can be used to make fuel, the organic materials can be made into compost or used for digester fermentation, and the unwanted waste is reduced and buried to reduce landfill space.

ShredRecycling offers a full range of municipal solid waste disposal systems to help increase the efficiency of municipal solid waste treatment and improve its overall utilisation.

Municipal Solid Waste Shredding for Volume Reduction

ShredRecycling provides a customized complete municipal solid waste disposal system according to the final disposal requirements to help reduce the amount of landfill, recover usable materials, make alternative fuels, compost or biogas.